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Rekey Locks

The good management of keys and of the master key system at apartment or office buildings is as important as it is difficult and some of these locks are considerably old and they do not meet current standards for ensured security. Mississauga Locksmiths is often faced with damaged locks due to old age and is called to rekey locks when keys travel a lot among many hands.

The importance of key change

Key replacement is absolutely necessary to take place before they are Rekey Locks completely worn, distorted and damaged but even so our company has the experience and means to replace any key at any time. Broken keys can lock you out and old locks may let intruders in. Our company can actually prevent such unfortunate incidents and cover the needs of homeowners and businesses in Mississauga on a 24 hour basis. We have the expertise to rekey home locks and release you from the anxiety of damaged keys. Rekeying the locks often is important because it is an easy solution and the most inexpensive one. It involves changing the cylinder but not the whole lock and this way you can have a brand new key and feel assured about your security.

Key change is equally important to businesses, which wish to keep protected against threats. Numerous visitors and ex-employees may become a threat when the keys are not replaced on time and our company also has the ability to rekey any master lock system, too.Mississauga Locksmiths is a master in rekeying locks and can actually support every need of every company in Ontario with total discretion. You can trust us to rekey locks of any type and you can be sure of our competence, excellence and our methodical techniques.